It could have been so, so bad. It also could have been oh so very good. In the end, it was probably just fine. From such a promising start, Star Trek: Picard was always going to struggle to sustain itself for a ten episode run filled with plot twists, characters new and old and enough fan service to overwhelm even the most argent Trekkie. Now that it’s all over, WIRED’s resident Jean-Luc Picard fanatics have a chance to pick over some of the show’s highs and lows. And yes, this article contains a lot of spoilers.

James Temperton: Well, that last episode certainly packed a lot in. But what did you think of the series as a whole?

Andy Vandervell: It was a messy mix of squandered potential, excessive fan service and some genuine moments of brilliance. I thought the themes and ideas they started with in the first couple of episodes were interesting and challenging (in a good way), but there were way too many characters and story points to fit into a ten episode run.

JT: Totally agree on the fan service. It’s fun when it happens but doesn’t actually make a lot of sense when you stop to think about it. The episode with Riker and Troy towards the middle was classic Next Generation, but felt really out of place in a ten-episode series with such a manic narrative arc.